American Global Training Board

GTB-USA is advancing the Training and Coaching profession so training and coaching becomes an integral part of society. Our members lead this journey by representing the highest quality in professional training and coaching.
We view Training, Coaching, Educational and Consulting certified and registered in GTB-USA, Lice:71019.Dat81Re.159  gathering professional high quality Trainers, Coaches and Training and Coaching centers worldwide, who have agreed to abide by the standards of quality, professionalism and ethics in their Training and Coaching.

Our Goals:

Based on our understanding of the need for Trainers, Coaches and Training and Coaching centers and trainees to a training point of certified registered be of help to them and supportive in the development of training, coaching and educational journey and the advancement of the profession of training, coaching and learning according to international training and coaching standards are correct sound and supported by many of the world well-known in the field of training and coaching agencies such as the American Society for Training and Development ASTD and other authorities came the idea of the establishment of the US Global Board for training and coaching which is aimed at solidarity with the trainers and training and coaching centers and even trained to provide support and guidance for the training, coaching and licensing, membership and outreach and counseling for individuals and institutions to provide them with skills and tools contribute to help them for the advancement of scientific and practical lives and striving for consolidating the principles of training, coaching and learning in accordance with proper standards and to establish a strong foundation and flexible to adapt to life variables.

Our Mission:

To provide leading-edge knowledge with practical solutions in the Education, training and consulting fields in order to elevate both companies and individuals through our measured learning, training and consulting programs.

Our Vision :

The Centre that brings together scientific and technical expertise with proven tangible outcomes.

Our Services

  1. Prepares and qualifies professional trainers & coaches.
  2. Presents studies and researches that serve the training & coaching industry.
  3. Licenses and certifies trainers, coaches and training centers to use GTB-USA training tools and standards.


    The Training Department at GTB-USA  is always honored to fulfill your training needs and to work with you in providing training & coaching solutions and continuous development.



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